Avocat Alcool au Volant- A Guide for Teens

Insurance rates are high for young drivers and actuaries at insurance companies assess risk with statistics. That’s the only way they can come up with the cost of car insurance, and unfortunately those high premiums are majorly tied to teenage drinking while driving.Teenagers and drinking are two words that should not be anywhere near each other, even in a sentence. Teenage drinking while driving accounts for over sixty percent of fatal accidents involving teen drivers and the vast majority of those teenage drivers are male.check out here avocat alcool au volant.

Bad as it is that teenagers new to driving have little experience in dangerous situations or bad weather, being under the influence of alcohol while driving only adds to those deadly odds. Teenagers think they are going to live forever, that’s why they defy the odds and do stupid things like texting while driving and not paying attention, add teenage drinking while driving into the mix and you have an unexploded bomb on the road.

Even as a parent you can’t be looking over your teenage son or daughters’ shoulder the whole time. It all comes down to trust, but I hope that any parent who sees that their son or daughter has a tendency to drink will think twice before giving the teenager the keys to their car. It may cause arguments, but underage alcohol consumption is illegal in every state, so that issue will have to be addressed before any kind of vehicle is purchased for or loaned to the teen.

Many think that driving while under the influence of alcohol isn’t a problem after one or two beers, but they would be wrong. Often teenage males are more affected by alcohol consumption than an adult would be and are up to eighteen times more likely to be involved in an accident. Girls are worse; they can be 50 times more likely to be involved in an accident.

So parents impress on your young driver there is not going to be any texting or getting drunk while driving. Period. You as a parent don’t want to be paying for any of the damage that can be caused by juvenile drinking while driving. Your insurance premiums will skyrocket for years and if you don’t have adequate car insurance, you could find yourself out of pocket for medical bills, property damage and replacing the vehicle. Bail, court costs, lawyers etc., can run into many thousands of dollars – the bigger the mess caused by the teenage drinking while driving, the more it’s going to cost you.